GIS Data, Analysis and Training for
the Earth and Environmental Sciences

Consulting Associates


Joseph T. Forrest

GISc Consultant/Instructor and Managing Director of RGS. PhD in Geology from Rice University. 35 years of experience in worldwide oil and gas exploration and petroleum service company work. Specialties include:

  • GISc data acquisition, organization and synthesis
  • Geospatial analysis projects
  • Development and presentation of GISc training courses
  • Regional petroleum studies, proprietary and non-proprietary
  • Texas Professional Geoscientist License # 5824


Joseph T. Forrest

GISc Consultant/Instructor. BS and MS in Ecology and Biology from University of NC and University of Michigan. 15 years of experience in GIS analysis in the environmental and conservative fields. Specialties include:

  • GISc data acquisition
  • Geospatial analysis projects
  • GISc Training Courses


Wenli Chen

GIS and database consultant.  Over 20 years experience in developing databases and GIS software applications. 

  • SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Access, ADO, ODBC, JDBC, TOAD, NetImpact Dynamo, S-Designer
  • Java, Java Script, VB, VBA, Jsp, Asp, HTML, XML, Unix Shell Script, C (Borland C, MFC, Pro*C), C++ (Rogue Wave C++ and Visual C++), Python, CGI, Perl, WebLogic, EJB, Servlet, Corba, IDL, PowerBuilder, SAS, Pascal, Fortran
  • Unix, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Novell, ICL, DEC, NEC, IBM
  • ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcObjects, Arc/Info, ArcView, Arc Avenue, MapObjects, ArcIMS, ArcPad, ArcXML, AML, MapViewer, ENVI, ERDAS

In addition to the above listed core personnel RGS has other consultant associates in various specialties, such as petroleum engineering, geophysics, organic geochemistry, remote sensing, watershed modeling, programming and graphic design, who can be added to an integrated team to fulfill specific project objectives.

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